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Write various uses of concave mirrors in everyday life.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The mirror is a smooth surface which has the capability of refracting the rays that fall on it. There are three types of mirror known to us: the concave mirror, convex mirror and plane mirror. The plane mirror has focal length equal to infinite.

Complete step by step solution:
It is asked in the problem about the various uses of concave mirrors in everyday life.
The concave mirror has various uses in everyday life some of them are as follows:-
Shaving mirrors:- The mirror used in the shaving mirror is nothing but a concave mirror, the concave mirror produces a virtual and enlarged image and therefore the image of the man comes out to be enlarged and therefore it gets easy to shave.

Head mirrors:- Head mirrors are mirrors which the physicians are using the while they check the ears, nose or throat of the patient. By using the head mirror the patient’s infected part is more visible.

Ophthalmoscope:- It’s a device which is used by doctors and the concave has hole in the centre and the hole is focused in the eye of the patient and this makes the retina of the eye more visible and easy to check.

Astronomical telescope:- The concave mirror has the property that if light rays are passing through the mirror then all the images coincide at the focus of the concave mirror and therefore it can be used for the observation of the planets and stars in space.

Note: The concave mirror produces an enlarged image and therefore it used to view other objects clearly. The concave mirror is also used in the headlights of the vehicles as the light beam coming from the focus gets reflected from the concave mirror and gets parallel to the principal axis and therefore we can see more distance.