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Hint: A cyclotron is a type of accelerator for compact particles that produces radioactive isotopes that can be used for imaging procedures. In a magnetic field, stable non-radioactive isotopes are placed into the cyclotron, which accelerates charged particles (protons) to high energy.

Complete solution:
As we all know, a cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator that Ernest O. Lawrence invented at the 1929-1930 at the particle accelerator

Berkeley University of California and patented in 1932.

A Cyclotron accelerates the charged particles along a spiral path from the center outward (i.e. from a flat cylindrical path). (Chamber of vacuum along a spiral path).

It is an electrically powered machine that generates a charged particle beam that can be used for:
(I) Medical applications - Particle therapy can be helpful in the treatment of cancer,
(ii) Radiation damage, i.e. ion beams from cyclotrons entering the body and penetrating the body, can also be helpful in killing tumors. Helpful in killing human brain tumors through the process of radiation damage while minimizing the damage to healthy people. Along their path, tissue.
(iii) Where a nuclear reactor or a cyclotron is used to generate a radioisotope, the radioactive properties required are the basis for this.

Atoms with extra protons in the nucleus are called deficient neutrons and are formed in a particle like a cyclotron or an accelerator. Atoms are known as neutron-rich atoms with extra nucleus neutrons and are formed in a nuclear reactor, OPAL, such as. Neutron-rich and neutron-poor radioisotopes decay in various ways and thus have different properties and properties. Varying uses. In cyclotrons, radioisotopes produced complement those produced in reactor systems. Both forms of to fulfil all nuclear medical needs in Australia, radioisotopes are required.

So, this is the answer that is required.

In order to accelerate the particles, the cyclotron's principle is based on the involvement of the electric field. There is usually a flat cylinder at the center of the cyclotron. We have electromagnets in a cyclotron so that Dees are located. They tend to apply some magnetic field between these magnets, which is perpendicular to the electrode plate.