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Write three applications of an electromagnet.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:An electromagnet is the type of magnet in which the electric current is responsible for the generation of the magnetic field and it is basically a wire which is turned into a coil. In other words, when an electric current is allowed to pass through the coil, the metal becomes magnetic.

Complete step by step answer.

Step 1: Mention the working principle of the electromagnet to get a better understanding.

Electric current through a conductor will produce a magnetic field which is perpendicular to the direction of the flow of current in the conductor. An electromagnet can be considered to operate on electricity. When current is passed through an electromagnet, a magnetic field will be generated. The strength of this field can be increased by increasing the current through the coil. The generation of the magnetic field indicates the magnetization of the material. To demagnetize the material we simply have to reverse the direction of the current flow. So by controlling the amount and direction of the current, we can control the amount and direction of the generated magnetic field of the electromagnet.

Electromagnets find many applications in different areas of science. They are used in electric bells. Tiny electromagnets are used by doctors to take out small devices of magnetic materials that might have fallen in the eye. Giant electromagnets are employed in mobile cranes to lift and transfer heavy iron rods and machinery.

Note:Demagnetization refers to reversing the direction of the magnetic field generated in the material. As mentioned above, this is done by reversing the direction of the current flow. The flow of current causes the electromagnet to get magnetized or demagnetized and if the current is cut off, the magnetization ceases to exist.