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Write the types and examples of biodiversity.

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: Biodiversity is the diversity among the biological species which includes different varieties of species and ecosystems and genies living together. It is varied to organisms living together. Earth is considered a diverse planet with many different species with large numbers living together.

Complete answer:
Types of biodiversity:
• Genetic biodiversity
• Species diversity
• Ecosystem diversity

Genetic species: It is related to genes in an environment, it describes the alleles, genes is the variety of genes in an area.
E.g.: E.coli has 4,000 genes bacteriophage has 400 genes bacteriophage is a virus which affect genes and human beings has 40,000genes at present.
It will depend on organism size, environmental condition, complexity. The inverse in these conditions increases the genetic biodiversity.

Species diversity: The variety of species in particular areas. if how many varieties of species available are considered as species richness if an area has many species that area is considered as species rich area. If it contains an equal number or species it is called as evenness if they are not equal it is called a Dominant.
E.g.: monkeys, dragonflies, meadows all different species in the same community.

Ecosystem diversity: It is also called ecological diversity. It is the varieties of ecosystems in an area i.e. variety of organisms, niche
It contains alpha diversity: a variety of species in specific communities. It depends on species richness.

Beta diversity: Number of species in a range of communities.

Gamma diversity: It includes species diversity and species diversity in a range of communities or in a geographical area.
E.g.: ponds, rainforest, are all different ecosystem with its own species

Note: Biodiversity is considered as the Beauty of the planet Earth. It helps in the proper balance of all the natural living forms. It helps humans in many forms by providing a balanced environment and oxygen, clean air. Humans depend a lot on biodiversity for survival, security and need.