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Write the two uses of spherical mirrors.

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Hint: A spherical mirror is defined as a mirror which is having the shape of a piece which is cut out from a spherical surface. Basically there are two kinds of spherical mirrors. One is known as concave and the other is known as convex.

Complete step by step answer:
First of all let us discuss the uses of concave mirrors. It is used to focus the sunlight into a particular point for heating. This type of mirror will give a close look of the object. Therefore they are used as shaving mirrors. The parallel beam of light from the car’s headlights are coming by the help of these mirrors. It is used in torches also. They are having extensive uses in the medical field so that dentist and ENT doctors always use this.
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Now let us discuss the details of the usage of convex mirrors. It is used as a rear view mirror or the wing mirrors in vehicles. It is also known as driver’s mirrors. They are used as reflectors in street lamps for diverging light into a larger area. They are placed at the bent of a road or curved roads at hills in order to do surveillance. These mirrors are often known as surveillance mirrors. They are being used as security mirrors in the shops also and also helpful in production of sun glasses and telescopes.
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In short, a convex mirror is used as a rear view mirror and also in telescopes. And the concave mirror is used as the shaving mirror and also used in car’s headlights. Therefore the answer for the question is obtained.

Note: A curved mirror is a given as a mirror having a curved reflecting surface. The surface will be either convex or concave. Most spherical mirrors are having surfaces that are in the shape of a part of the sphere. These are basically used as the optical devices.
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