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Write the pre-fertilisation events from the list given below: syngamy, gametogenesis, embryogenesis, gamete transfer?

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Hint: The events which occur before fertilisation are known as pre-fertilisation events. The fertilisation is a process which involves fusion of male and female gametes. The male gametes are formed inside anther and the female gametes are formed inside ovules.

Complete answer
The fertilisation is an important process of reproduction. It involves fusion of male and female gametes. There are two events which occur before fertilisation. They are:
Gametogenesis: It is the process of formation of gametes. The male gametes in the anther and the female gametes in the ovules. The male gametes are formed by the initial process of microsporogenesis in which the pollens are formed from the pollen sac. The pollen grain undergoes mitosis to form male gametophyte and 2 generative cells and a large vegetative cell. The female gametes are formed in ovules inside a special structure called nucellus. It undergoes mitosis and gives rise to embryo sac with 8 nuclei.

Gamete transfer: It is the process of transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of the flower. This is known as pollination. Through the pollen tube the pollen grains reach the ovule. The male gametes are released near the ovule. Syngamy is also known as fertilisation. It is the process of fusion of two gametes to form a zygote. Embryogenesis is the development of embryos after fertilisation. It involves cell division, growth and differentiation.

Thus, the correct answer is gametogenesis and gamete transfer.

Note: The post- fertilisation events are very important for developing seed from the ovule. Through embryogenesis the zygote undergoes changes and forms seeds. The Ovary eventually becomes fruit, ovule becomes seed, the integument of the ovules form the seed coat of the seed. The sepals and petals wither off.