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Write the name of any three electrical appliances.

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: An electrical appliance is the devices which are used for specific purposes and they work on the principle of electricity. These types of appliances are generally used in every sector of work like whether its industry, agriculture or educational sector almost everywhere.

Complete answer:
The most common electrical appliances which we can see in our daily life too are:
Electric iron: Electric iron is one of the electrical appliances which can be found in every house for general purpose like to iron the clothes. It works on the principle of heating effect. When electric current is passed through the coil which is used in electric iron of a particular material gets too much heated due to high current and it’s heated and this heating is used for ironing the clothes in houses.
Ceiling Fan: Ceiling Fan is one of the electrical appliances which can be found in every house for the general purpose of having fast air around the room. It works on the principle that when electric current is passed the electric motor starts to rotate in the presence of a magnetic field and this motor is used to run the blades of the ceiling fan and these blades when rotated with high speed , it provides fast movement of air around the room.
Refrigerator: Refrigerator is also used in almost every house for the purpose of providing a cooling effect which can be used to cool water or to freeze various liquid items.

Note: It should be remembered that in case of electric iron the heat in coil is related with current as $H = {I^2}Rt$ and in case of ceiling fan the speed of rotation of fan blades depends upon the voltage it’s given and in refrigerator works on converting higher temperature into lower temperature.