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Write the IUPAC name of the following amine.
\[{H_2}N - {(C{H_2})_6} - N{H_2}\]

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Hint: We will be looking at the numbering very clearly. We need to find the longest chain and allot the number accordingly. If only one function group is attached, we simply do not write mono in the answer, but if two similar groups are attached then we write “di”.

Complete answer:
To write the IUPAC nomenclature of the amine group,
First step: we will find the longest chain in the given compound.
We observe that we have only one chain and that too of six carbons.
Second step: here we will now find the lowest ranked carbon. We gave the lowest rank to those carbon, which is attached to any higher priority group than the other carbon. Here, because of the symmetry of the molecule, any of the sides can be considered.
Third step: Now we will number the carbons. So we have two amino groups and a chain of six aliphatic carbons.
Fourth step: We see that there are six carbons hence the main chain name is hexane.
We can also tell that on the first and last carbon, we have an ammonia group attached.
So, the naming will be –
\[1,6 - diaminohexane\].

Amino groups exist in polymers in zwitterion. Suppose we have an amino group under acidic condition and we slowly add alkali. So, when we add just the right amount of alkali, the more acidic hydrogen of the carboxylic group is removed instead of the amino group hydrogen.