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Write a short note: Biodiversity.

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: Biodiversity is made up of words “Bio” + “Diversity” or Biological and Diversity. It refers to all the variety of living things that can be found on our mother Earth (Ex Plants, Animals, Microorganism etc.) as well as to the community that they form and the habitats in which they live.

Complete answer:
Biodiversity is made up of “Biological Diversity''. It is the variety of all the living things that live and the system that keeps them connected. So, Biodiversity is not only the sum of all ecosystem species and genetic material. Rather, it represents the variability within and among them. As everything in the world is connected meaning we as humans affect biodiversity and biodiversity affect us. And biodiversity provides protection against the things going worse as each and everything in the world is connected and shows dependencies among each other. Biodiversity enhances essential ecological processes like oxygen production, building healthy roots, filter water on its ways to the sea, pollination, storing nutrients etc. Biodiversity is further divided into three types:
1-Species Diversity: This includes a variety of different species such as plants, animals, fungi, microorganism etc.
2-Genetic Diversity: It corresponds to the variety of genes contained in plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms.
3- Ecosystem Diversity: It includes all the different habitats, places that exist like hot & cold deserts, rivers, mountains, wetlands, tropical or temperate forests etc.

Note: A healthy biodiversity offers many natural services
>Protection of water resources.
>Soils formation and protection.
>Nutrient storage and recycling.
>Pollution breakdown and absorption.
>Contribution to climate stability.
>Maintenance of ecosystems.
>Recovery from unpredictable events.