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Write a paragraph on each of the following
A. Preparation of soil
B. Sowing
C. Weeding
D. Threshing

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Hint: The processes given above are part of the agricultural cycle. The agricultural cycle is the annual cycle of activities which is related to the growth and harvest of a crop or plant.

Complete step by step answer: Agriculture practices include loosening the soil, seeding, special watering, and moving plants when they grow bigger. The processes are:
A. Preparation of soil: It is the very first step before growing a crop. In this process, the soil gets loosen and turns the soil which allows roots to penetrate deep into it. The loosening of the soil is important as it promotes the growth of several microbes, earthworms, etc. which enhances the nutrient and humus quality of the soil; it also increases the crop yield.
B. Sowing: It is the second step in growing crops. It is the process of planting seeds in the soil. The seeds used must be of very high quality and carefully selected.
C. Weeding: Weeds are unwanted and undesirable plants grown in the crop fields. Weeding is the process of removal of these weeds.
D. Threshing: This process is the separation of grains or seeds from the chaff. It is employed after harvesting the crop.

Additional information: The other steps involved in crop growing are:
i. Adding manures and fertilizers: Addition of manures and fertilizers enhances the soil quality and increases the crop yield in large proportion.
ii. Irrigation: Proper irrigation is needed to make the water easily available for absorption by the roots.
iii. Harvesting: It includes the process of reaping, threshing, cleaning and hauling.

Note: The essential process of turning or tilling and loosening of soil is called ploughing and it is done using plough which is pulled by a pair of bulls, hoes and cultivators. There are various methods of sowing seeds, which includes sowing by hands, seed drill method, etc.