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Write a note on Principle of first aid.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: First aid is the initial help or care given to a person who is suddenly sick or injured. It is given after the incident as soon as possible prior to the arrival of expert medical help. First aid can save someone’s life. The person giving first aid should be calm and assess the situation quickly. Before giving first aid, the person should make sure that the first aid kit contains all the necessary tools & equipment. There are four principles of first aid which should be followed strictly.

Complete answer:
The first principle of first aid is to preserve life. A first aid kit is meant to provide an immediate solution to a health problem. The equipment in a first aid kit is not to solve the entire problem but to keep the patient alive while he or she is getting rushed to a hospital. The second principle is preventing deterioration. It means to ensure that the casualty’s health problem does not escalate. The third principle of first aid is to relieve pain. When conducting first aid, it is necessary to make sure the patient is free from pain. Over the counter painkillers can be used for this purpose. The fourth principle of first aid is to promote recovery. The person giving first aid should ensure that the casualty keeps getting better. The first aid should aim for the patient's recovery. Implementing procedures that may affect the patient’s health should be avoided.

First aiders should be aware of potential dangers to themselves when entering a situation to perform first aid. The two types of dangers are environmental danger and human danger. First aiders should take precautionary measures to prevent themselves from getting affected by these dangers. Some of the responsibilities of the first aider are to identify the illness or injury of the patient, ensure the dignity of the patient, documentation of the symptoms and treatment given.