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Which precautions will you follow to maintain reproductive health?

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint:In general health is the physical, biological, emotional, and social well-being of living organisms. Reproductive health implies a healthy reproductive organ with regular functions.

Complete answer:According to WHO reproductive health means total well-being in all aspects of reproduction. Men and women have specific organs. Reproductive health is taking care of these organs preventing disease. Caring for the body and staying healthy is vital for both genders. A woman goes through two changes in her lifetime which are menstruation and menopause, this makes the start and end of the women's reproductive life. During these stages, the rise and fall of hormones cause physical and emotional. Some common symptoms of menopause and menstruation are cramps, mood swings, tiredness, bloating, hot flashes, etc.
The following steps may ease or prevent these symptoms:
Eat a healthy diet
Get regular exercise
Get enough sleep
Avoid over-limit alcohol and caffeine
Take medicine as recommended by your healthcare provider
Lifestyle changes can also help, this may take a little longer to make you feel better but have fewer risks than medical treatments. Lifestyle changes include- eating a healthy diet, staying active, finding ways to relax, avoid smoking, dress in light layers, etc.
Now let's talk about birth control. Women can do some things that men cannot do give birth to children, it is essential to know if you and your body are ready to choose when to get pregnant can help you have a healthy baby. If you are not willing to have a child, you may have to consider birth control. Moreover, it is also important to have safe sex, which means taking steps to prevent STI (sexually transmitted infections).
To consider using birth controls, a few of the choices are abstinence, condoms, birth control pills, hormone shots, surgery - a vasectomy for men (or) tubal ligations for women.

Note: Most importantly, India was amongst the first countries in the world to initiate action plans and programs at a national level to attain total reproductive health as a social goal. These schedules are called "reproductive and child health care (RCH)”.