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Which one of the following statements regarding helium is incorrect?
A.It is used to produce and sustain powerful superconducting magnets
B. it is used as a cryogenic agent for carrying out experiment at low temperature
C.It is used to fill gas balloons instead of hydrogen because it is lighter and non inflammable
D.It is used in gas cooled nuclear reactors

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Hint: Helium has an atomic number 2 and has 2 neutrons whereas hydrogen has atomic number 1 and has zero neutrons. Helium is used as a cryogenic agent due to its very low melting point.

Complete step by step answer:
Helium is the member of group 18 of the modern periodic table. It is an inert gas since its outermost orbital is completely filled which makes helium an inert element. Helium is represented by \[{\text{He}}\] . Atomic number of helium is 2 and atomic weight is 4. The nucleus of the Helium atom has two protons and two neutrons. It is the second lightest element in the periodic table. Helium is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas. It requires very high pressure and very low temperature for solidification. Helium doesn’t have any chemical properties due to the inertness of the helium element. Helium can’t be accumulated in large quantities in the atmosphere because Earth gravitational pull is not sufficient to prevent its gradual escape into space that’s why it is used to fill balloons instead of hydrogen because it is lighter and also it is inflammable.
Helium acts as a cryogenic agent for carrying out experiments at low temperature because it acts as a coolant as helium is the coldest substance. Helium is mixed with oxygen in the gas cylinder of a scuba diver because of the very low solubility of helium in the bloodstream of a Scuba diver. Helium is also used at industrial level, for pipeline leakage detection because it has the ability to diffuse through solid at much faster rate than the air. Due to the very low melting point of helium it has numerous applications in MRI and superconducting magnets. Helium gas is also used for medical purposes like curing asthma and emphysema.

Thus, the correct option is C. As Helium is not lighter than hydrogen but surely helium is combined with hydrogen in air balloons to ensure safer use.

Helium is used in the same way in the development of Titanium, zirconium, Germanium and silicon. Helium is used for the purpose of cooling down in the superconducting magnet. Cryogenic agent is the one which is used to cool down an object.
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