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Which one of the following fibres contains protein units in its molecules?
A. Cotton
B. Wool
C. Nylon
D. Rayon

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: In this it is necessary to look into the design and properties of the given atom for answering this question. Strands can be either man made or manufactured. A characteristic fiber is bound to be made out of protein particle units.

Complete answer:
Wool is a fiber that contains protein units in its atoms.
It is a kind of a characteristic protein fiber which is framed by the buildup of amino acids with a little level of lipids shaping rehashed polyamide underlying units. Wool has been utilized for years by individuals for both beautifying just as practical employments. It is acquired from the external covering of hair of sheep and different creatures living in chilly places. The wool strands are bad conductors of heat and subsequently trap the air underneath them. Accordingly, they don't allow heat to escape from the body and along these lines shield the body from cold. Wool strands are likewise incredibly adaptable, exceptionally tough and are water safe.

In this way, the right answer is B-Wool.

Normal strands are filaments acquired from characteristic sources like plants and creatures. Some normal instances of, regular filaments are cotton, silk fleece, and so on Manufactured strands are the filaments which are set up by individuals in labs. They are polymers shaped by rehashing units of different monomers, Various modified filaments utilized ordinarily are nylon, acrylics and polyesters. Modified strands are liked over common filaments as they are solid and versatile, Synthetic strands are solid, delicate and less expensive when contrasted with characteristic filaments