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Which one of the following animals can live from birth to death without even drinking water?
A. Kangaroo rat
B. Kangaroo
C. Camel
D. Desert cat

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: On average, depending on the environment, a person can only go without water for an average of three days, since the human body loses a large amount of water by sweating, breathing, and excretion. Animals all over the world have had millions of years to adapt to the harsh conditions in arid regions.

Complete answer: One of the most advanced animals living in the desert environments is the kangaroo rat (genus Dipodomys) of North America and can go without water for its entire life. Large hind legs (similar to the Australian kangaroo) are the name of the tiny rodent, which helps it to skip long distances while they hunt for food and water. In contrast to saliva, some of the adaptations to the arid climate include wide cheek pouches lined with fur that enable the rodent to carry seeds without losing much-needed moisture.
Other adaptations, such as highly specialized kidneys with additional tubules, support them by removing water from the urine to retain water in the body. Kangaroo rat urine is nearly five times more concentrated than that of human urine. The kangaroo rat has an oily coat and does not sweat, which helps retain water in the body for a long time. In addition to that, seeds that are securely buried in burrows feed on kangaroo rats. The seeds are metabolized to generate energy and water until they are eaten. This particular animal's nasal passage is often adapted to ensure minimum loss of moisture to the atmosphere.
A number of desert niches are occupied by kangaroo rats. The kangaroo rat is almost well suited to desert life. Without ever drinking any water, they can survive, getting the necessary moisture from their seed diet. Kangaroo rats consume seeds from a number of grasses in the desert.
Hence, choice A-Kangaroo rat is the correct one.

Note: Via dehydration, every drop of sweat, exhaled air, and wet excretion increases the chances of death of any desert animal. Without drinking any water, there are a few species that can live for years. The desert tortoise, kangaroo rat, thorny devil, water-holding frog, African lungfish, and desert spadefoot toads are some of the more common examples.