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Which of the following was written by Sri Krishna Devaraya in Sanskrit?
A. Usha Parinayam
B. Maur Charidua
C. Amuktamalyada
D. Parijatapaharanam

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:For solving this question, we will check the contribution of Krishna Devaraya. Sri Krishna Devaraya was one of the most famous kings among the rulers of the Vijayanagar Empire. During his rule, the empire had reached the pinnacle of glory.

Complete answer:
As we know that Devaraya was a famous king and an unparalleled warrior, shrewd commander and a political expert. He won all the wars and expanded his empire in the south. Also, he helped the Portuguese army to conquer Goa from the Bijapur Sultan and established trade relations with them. After that he became an administrator who abolished taxes on marriages. He was popularly known as a great patron of art, literature and religion. There were eight Telugu poets known as Ashtha Diggajas present in his court. The king also constructed Krishna temple at Hampi for people to enjoy religious freedom during his time.
Usha Parinayam was the book written by Sri Krishna Devaraya in Sanskrit. It was a film adaptation of the play Usha Parinayam. Usha Parinayam is presented in the Kuchipudi style as a Yakshagaanam. Yakshaganam is a form of dance drama which narrates a storyline using an animated combination of dance, music and dialogue.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note:Originally, we need to know that Yakshagaanams were very dependent on vocal recitals with little to no dance to accompany the vocals but eventually they evolved into their present form with the addition of dance to accompany the music and songs and add flair to the storytelling.