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Which of the following two matches are incorrect?
Exotic breeds of cattle Country of origin
i. Jersey Holland
ii.Holstein-Friesian Germany
iii.Ayrshire Scotland
iv.Brown SwissSwitzerland

A. (i) and (iii)
B. (i) and (ii)
C. (ii) and (iii)
D. (ii), (iii), and (iv)

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Hint: The exotic breeds of cattle are those that are crossbred deliberately by artificial selection. This is done to produce high-quality superior breeds to get a good amount of yields. First, it was done by humans and now modern tools and techniques are used for artificial breeding. Jersey is one of the oldest dairy breeds.

Complete answer: Artificial selection has offered breeders to obtain the superior quality of hybrids that are used to get superior quality of products. Humans deliberately cross-bred two purebred parents to obtain a new variety of offspring called a hybrid as it is a cross of two different variations.
-Let us discuss each of the given breeds to know whether they are matched correctly to their origins.
-Jersey is one of the oldest artificially selected breeds. It originated from Jersey, British Channel islands that led to the name Jersey cattle. It is the most superior cattle breed among two other cattle breeds. They are a highly productive breed that is characterized by their yellowish tinge milk high in butterfat. Also, they have high fertility rates. Thus the match that links Jersey cow to Holland as its country of origin is wrong.
-The next is Holstein-Friesian cow. This breed originated from the Friesland area of Holland and not Germany. The lactation period is between 12-15 months. This breed also has a high reproductive rate. The milk products are high in nutritious values.
-The Ayrshire cow breed originated in the Ayrshire region of Scotland so it is matched correctly. Brown Swiss cow originated from the Alpine region of Switzerland. Thus, it is also matched correctly. Therefore, matches (i) and (ii) are incorrect.
So, option B is the right answer.

Note: The artificial selection or breeding requires parents of high quality to be bred and produce higher-quality offspring. This can be done in various ways. Artificial insemination is one method of doing so. It is the oldest technique used by breeders to make Jersey cow and other old cross-bred species.