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Which of the following statements is correct for Pollen tube?
A. It show chemotropic movement
B. It shows only growth
C. It is composed of three non-cellular zones
D. It shows radial cytoplasmic streaming

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Hint: The ovaries released a chemical that produced a positive chemo tropic response developing pollen tube in the fertilization process of flowers. And chemotropism chemical released during the process. The two layers help to produce the pollen tube that shows the movement in the plants except growth movement. The intracellular movement of cytoplasm to transport nutrients within the cell by the cytoplasmic streaming occurs in all animals and plants cells.

Complete answer:
Pollen development and maturation due to the end of meiosis in the microscope in which mother cells mark a turning point in microsporogenesis. Given the result of 4 microspores each with its own callose envelope. QUARTET is the gene that’s responsible for the gene separation of the microspores from the tetrad in the Arabidopsis. But sometimes mutations occurred in the microspores in the tetrads.
There are two types of cells present in the mitotic division in the pollen grains: 1) vegetative cells that developed into the pollen tube and obtained most cytoplasmic organelles. The second type is 2) Generative cell that produces small sperm, cytoplasm partitioned in the mitotic division, and lacks mitochondria and chloroplasts present in it.

Therefore the correct option is (A).

Note: Embryo sac helps to enter the pollen into the ovule from the micropylar end. With the help of filiform apparatus pollen tube passes either between the egg cells and the synergrid part that is present in it. Misogamy is the process in which pollen tubes enter in the ovule through the integuments and commonly seen in the plants such as Populous and Cucurbita.