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Which of the following regions has maximum diversity?
A. Coral reefs
B. Mangroves
C. Temperate rainforest
D. Taiga

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: Diversity in biology means biological diversity or biological variety found on the earth. This diversity ranges from the genetic level to species level and thus forms the ecosystem. Thus, biodiversity can be classified as the entirety of genes, species and ecosystem in a region. Biodiversity also includes the number of different organisms and their relative frequencies.

Complete answer:
Option A coral reefs: Coral reef is an underwater reef-built ecosystem. Coral reefs harbor nearly \[25\% \] of the marine ecosystem, comprising a plethora of species of fishes, sea mammals, microorganisms and invertebrates.
Option A is correct.
Option B mangroves: Mangroves are surviving salinity, tidal regime, strong wind velocity and high temperature. Mangroves have the symbiotic link between sea and land. Mangroves are also diverse and complex; they also provide essential structure and a habitat for host of marine and intertidal species.
Option B is incorrect.
Option C temperate rainforest: Temperate rainforest is the rainforest found in a temperate climate. They have a high amount of rainfall every year. In the temperate rainforest they have very few species of plants and animals.
Option C is incorrect.
Option D taiga: In taiga the biodiversity is very low. There is a very low number of reptiles and amphibians found in taiga. The number of birds, mammals, and animals are also very low compared to other regions.
Option D is incorrect.

Option A is the correct answer.

Mangroves and coral reefs are both considered biodiversity hotspots. Mangroves provide maximum terrestrial diversity whereas the coral reefs provide maximum global biodiversity. The rich biodiversity will boost the recovery of the environment after a natural disaster. Moreover, it includes all ecosystems – managed or unmanaged.