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Which of the following refers to inland fisheries?
A. Culturing fish in freshwater
B. Deep sea fisheries
C. Trapping and capturing fish from sea coast
D. Extraction of oil from fishes

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Hint: Inland fisheries are a significant part of many economies and are thought to be important in supporting the jobs of many provincial networks. They are also important sources of home-grown fish consumption. Numerous reports have highlighted the importance of the inland fisheries area in providing food security and producing nearby pay.

Complete answer:
The current authority measurements report a commitment of inland fisheries creation to domestic fish supply of around 200 000 tons each year, which is under $10\%$ of absolute fisheries creation (from 1994 to 2005). The latest public statistics in the rural area all through the nation (2003) showed a high investment pace of Thai individuals in inland fisheries exercises, with the principle reason for these fishing exercises being for family utilization.
Thailand produces inland capture fisheries on a national scale and in a traditional manner. It is difficult to collect data for statistical records when large numbers of people participate in traditional fishing activities, as it is in many other countries in the region. As a result, the reported inland capture fisheries production has been untrustworthy and does not accurately reflect the state of this sector.
Inland water is a type of water system that includes waterways, lakes, and wetlands. Inland fisheries refer to the refinement of fish in new water. Only waterway fishes such as rohu, catla, catfish, eel, and so on can be refined in this fishery. For development, fish eggs or seeds are used in this cultivating technique.

As a result, option A is the correct answer.

Freshwater fish species such as trout are caught by inland fishing. Fish farming is used in some freshwater fisheries, where species are raised in large tanks or ponds. In a lake or river, inland fisheries must contend with other uses of freshwater.