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Which of the following reactions with chloroform will give chloretone ?
A. $HN{O_3}$
B. ${\left( {C{H_3}} \right)_2}C = O$
C. Chloral
D. ${\left( {C{H_3}} \right)_2}CHCHO$

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Hint: The reaction of acetone with chloroform results in the production of a hypnotic drug, chloretone. This reaction is an exothermic as well as a vigorous reaction. Also, it requires a strong basic medium.

Complete step by step answer: At first, what is chloroform ? chloroform is a colorless, volatile, liquid derivative of trichloromethane with ether like odor.
It was used as an anesthetic during surgeries. But nowadays, the primary use of chloroform is in the production of refrigerant Freon .
The chemical formula is \[CHC{l_3}\]
In the first option, $HN{O_3}$ is given. The chloroform on reaction with $HN{O_3}$( nitric acid ) produces chloropicrin that is used as tear gas (war gas) or it can also be used as an insecticide.
  HN{O_3} + CHC{l_3} \to CC{l_3}N{O_2} + {H_2}O \\
  {\text{ }}\left( {chloropicrin} \right) \\
Talking about the second option , it is acetone ${\left( {C{H_3}} \right)_2}C = O$. When acetone reacts with chloroform it result in the formation of chloretone ( Chlorobutanol )
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So, the acetone with chloroform produces chloretone .
Hence, option B is correct.

Additional Information: Chloretone also known as chlorobutanol is a hypnotic drug. It is sedative, hypnotic and weak anesthetic. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Note: The reaction of acetone and chloroform produces chloretone in basic medium such as in the presence of $KOH$ only. Moreover, chloretone is known to have sleep producing properties. It is also used as a common detergent preservative in eye drops and other ophthalmic therapeutic formulations.