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Which of the following propagates through leaf-tip?
(A) Walking fern
(B) Sprout-leaf plant
(C) Marchantia
(D) Moss

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Some plants propagate through the tip of the leaves by producing the buds at the leaf lip. When this bud touches the soil, they produce new plants from that. This is the process of propagating through the leaf tips. The buds formed are adventitious in nature.

Complete answer:
The scientific name of the walking fern is Adiantum caudatum. These plants belong to the class pteridophyta. They are native to America. These plants are called the walking fern. This is because the buds originated in the tip of the leaves in these plants. When the leaves bend and touch the ground, it propagates there.

The buds when touches the soil they take up the moisture and begin to form their roots. Which in turn the stem and the leaves part of the buds start to grow. This continuous growth of the plants by propagating at the leaf tip appears as walking. Hence, they are known as walking fern. Other than this, the sprout leaf plants, marchantia and the Moss does not follow this type of leaf tip propagation.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(A)

Note: The Adiantum caudatum mainly grows in the ledges and the crevices of the dolomite and the limestone bluffs. They grow in the shady moist cool areas but are rarely found in the acidic soils like sandstone, granite etc. This follows the vegetative reproduction.