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Which of the following produce virtual images?
A. simple microscope
B. ordinary camera
C. projectors
D. cinemascope

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint : Microscope keeps the object in between the optical centre and focus of the lens so it forms an erect, enlarged virtual image of the given object.

Complete step by step solution:
An image is the collection of the focus points actually made by rays coming from an object. A real image is the collection of focus points actually made by converging rays while a virtual image is the collection of the focus points made by extension by diverging rays. A virtual image is found by tracing real rays that energy from an optical device backward to perceived or apparent origins of ray divergence.

Therefore the above questions option (A) simple microscope is the correct answer. Other options produce real images.

Additional information:
There are two basic types of simple microscope first is the simple microscope and second is the compound microscope. A simple microscope uses the optical power of a single lens or group of lenses for magnification. A simple microscope uses a lens or set of lenses to enlarge on an object through angular magnification alone, giving vacuum on erect enlarged virtual image. A compound microscope uses a system of lenses to achieve much higher magnification of an object. A compound microscope uses a lens close to the object being viewed to collect light which focuses a real image of the object inside the microscope.

A virtual image cannot be projected on the screen because the rays never really converge. An object placed in front of the converging lens or concave mirror at a position beyond the focal length produces a real image. A diverging lens or convex mirror forms a virtual image. Such an image is reduced in size when compared to the original object. The image in a plane mirror is not magnified and appears to be as for as the object is in front of the mirror.