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Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
a) Public Accounts Committee: Member of Opposition
b) Committee on Public Undertakings: Lok Sabha member
c) Committee on Private Member's Bill and Resolutions: Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
d) Business Advisory Committee: Finance Minister

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Hint: The constitution of India has given the parliament a lot of roles, responsibilities, and functions which are very varied, complex, and voluminous. To make the conduct of the Parliament smooth and efficient, there are many committees which are formed.

Complete answer:
The public Accounts committee is one of the financial committees of the parliament to scrutinize the annual audit reports of the CAG of India. Among the members of the committee, the speaker chooses the chairman for the committee from the opposition party.
The Committee on Public undertakings examines the public undertakings and the reports. They take into account the efficiency and effectiveness of the undertakings. The members of the committee can be either from Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha, but the chairman should be from the Lok Sabha only.
The committee on the private member's Bill and the resolution look after the bills bought by the private members in the Parliament and accordingly allocates time for the discussions on these bills.
This committee is a special one which consists of the members of the Lok Sabha and the chairman of this committee is usually the deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha only.
The business advisory committee of the parliament regulates the schedule of the house. It divides the time period for different businesses of the parliament for the day. The finance minister is not the chairman of this Committee. In Lok Sabha, the speaker is its chairman and in the Rajya Sabha, the chairman is the chairman of the committee also.
So, the correct answer is Option D.

Note: A parliamentary committee is either elected by the speaker of the Lok Sabha or the chairman of Rajya Sabha and the committees work under them. The committee presents its report to the house or to the speaker or chairman. There are two kinds of committees - standing committees and ad hoc committees.