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Which of the following letters shows lateral inversion? a)L; b) V; c) X.

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the mirror, the inversion of images which we see is known as lateral inversion. On the mirror, the up right image and left side objects come to the right side, this is lateral inversion. That is the reason why we see in lateral inversion ”ambulance” written so that, when anyone watches it from the rear point of view mirror of this vehicle, it is “ambulance” seems to be written on it.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The real or apparent reversal of left and right is the lateral inversion> For e.g.- the letter ‘b’ when laterally inverted becomes the letter ‘d’ . The apparent lateral inversions of objects are caused by a well-known plane mirror. However, we usually perceive for psychology the change as a left right reversal. For e.g.- in our own mirror image, our right side is directly opposite us. In that sense, there is no left right. However, usually we don’t notice that our front and back are reversed in the mirror. This means the left right of the “person” we see in the mirror appears reversed instead. The letter ‘L’ shows the lateral inversion. After reflection, the rest of all appears the same. From the left to right it is the effect produced by a plane mirror in reversing images. In front of a plane mirror, when an object is placed, then on the right side of the object appears to be on the left side of the left image, to be on the right side of the image appears. A plane mirror, it is well known that it causes the apparent lateral version of the objects.

Note: A phenomenon in which the left appears to be the right and vice versa is lateral inversion. Due to the direction that the light follows when it strikes a reflecting surface, generally a mirror. We have to remember that the lateral inversion is just an apparent effect which is not caused by the physical characteristics of the plane mirror but only due to how our brain processes the orientation of images.