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Which of the following is the real product of honey bees?
(A) Honey
(B) Pollen
(C) Bee wax
(D) Propolis

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Hint:Honey bee is the insect that sucks the nectars from the flowers of the plants and store in the beehives. This honey secreted by them is of high value and has good antibacterial activity. Nowadays the honey bees are reared domestically called apiculture or beekeeping.

Complete answer:
The honey bees move to the flowers and collect the nectars from them. They swallow the nectars after collecting all the honey and then they move to the bee hives and vomit the collected nectars back. This is called honey and they are also known as bees’ vomit. The bee hives are made by the wax secreted by their own body. In this wax they store the honey collected from the flowers as the honeycomb cells.

In these honeycomb cells, the young bees are nursed and grown. Pollen is the male reproductive part of the flower and while the honey bees collect honey the pollen may attach to their fur. Hence honey bees also help in the transfer of the pollen for the purpose of pollination. Hence bee wax is the only product that is solely secreted by the bees.

Thus, the correct answer is option (C).

Note:The bee wax is used to make many products useful for humans like candles, polish used to furnish the furniture, batik making, some of the skin care products etc. The honey used to treat many diseases like burns, cancer, sore throat, diabetes etc.
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