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Which of the following is the main festival of Assam?
C.Ganesh Chaturthi
D.Durga Puja

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint:This festival of Assam celebrates the change of seasons. It also marks the beginning of spring season and Assamese New Year. It originates in Assam and occurs in the month of Bohag, Kaati and Maagh. The names of various costumes worn by Assamese people while celebrating this festival are: Gamosa, Mekhela Chador and Dhoti. Some of the musical instruments associated with this festival are: Dhol, Bansuri, Taal, Toka, Gogona, Pepa.

Complete answer:
Bihu comprises three festivals celebrated during different time periods in a year. Bohag Bihu falls in April. Kati Bihu is observed in October while Magh Bihu is celebrated in January. Amongst the three, Bohag Bihu is the most important for the Assamese as it marks the onset of spring season as well as the New Year in Assamese calendar. In this, the livestock is given a holy dip in the river and worshipped. Later a turmeric paste is applied on their foreheads and they are fed with twigs.
Bihu is related to agriculture, rice in particular. Bohag Bihu is the sowing festival and also celebrated in the states of Punjab, Haryana as Baisakhi and in Kerala as Onam.
Kati bihu relates with protecting the crops and worshipping the crop and livestock. While Magh bihu celebrates the harvest season.
All the three festivals signify worshipping the cattle, respecting the elders of the family and mother goddess while imparting a sense of togetherness amongst the younger generations.
Various animal fights like buffalo fighting and cock fighting are also organized during this time.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: Traditional dishes like Duck with Kumura, Alu and Fish cooked in banana leaf are cooked in each household to add a flavor to the festivities. Bihu festival is incomplete without folk Bihu Geet and the famous Bihu dance. During this time, people wear their best outfits and perform the Bihu Naach in groups. Traditional musical instruments like Dhul, Toka Xutuli and Gogona create a vibrant and lively atmosphere.