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Which of the following is not a secondary tillage implemented?
A) Cultivators
B) Harrow
C) Rollers
D) Meston plough

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:Secondary tillage is the procedure performed after primary tillage to create proper soil tilth for seeding and planting. These operations consume less power per unit area compared to primary tillage operations. Implements used for this secondary tillage are called secondary tillage implements.

Complete answer:
Secondary tillage is used to improve the seedbed by increased soil pulverization, to conserve moisture through the destruction of weeds and to cut the crop residues. It is done by using various implements such as Cultivators, Harrows, Rollers, rotary tillers, tools for mulching and fallowing, cage wheels etc.,

Cultivator is considered as the most important implement as it provides a fine degree of soil pulverization. It is directly mounted to the tractor for operating. The benefits of the cultivator are a) effective pulverization of soil ensures good plant growth b) cutting and mixing of stubbles and roots and mixing with soil and c) levelling the field.

Harrows are of different types like disc harrow, spike tooth harrow, spring tooth harrow, acme harrow etc., used for different purposes such as covering the seeds after sowing, for summer fallowing etc.,
Rollers are used for rolling, pulverizing, packing, levelling, cultivating, and mulching of the soil
Plough is a tool used for the initial cultivation of the soil for the preparation of sowing. So, Meston plough is not the secondary tillage implement

Therefore, the correct answer is option (D) i.e, (Meston plough)

Note:The objectives of secondary tillage,
>To improve the seed bed by greater pulverization of the soil
>To destroy grasses and weed seeds in the field.
>To cut crop residues and mix them with topsoil
>To break the big clods and to make the field surface uniform and levelled.