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Which of the following is an artificial heart?
A) Penn state
B) Blue cherl system
C) Jarvik 7
D) All of these

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: We know that the human heart is a muscular organ. Along with blood vessels and blood, the heart forms the human circulatory system. It is also called a blood vascular system. Heart pumps blood which reaches all the tissues in the body through blood vessels. Scientists have developed artificial hearts as a substitute for diseased heart in seriously diseased heart patients.

Complete answer:
With the advancements in technology, scientists have been trying to develop an artificial heart for decades. First artificial heart was made in 1982. Its name was Jarvik 7 and was named after Dr. Robert Jarvik who conducted many studies and developed this heart.
It was the first successful artificial heart transplant. Know that artificial heart is mainly used by patients having severe heart problems waiting for a heart transplantation surgery. The artificial heart used is commonly called the Total Artificial Heart.

Note that in patients having severe cardiac diseases, heart transplantation is the only cure. The process of transplanting a heart from donor to a patient is also called cardiac transplantation.
Note that in most of the cases, donor heart is taken from persons who have undergone brain death. This heart is transplanted to the patient and major blood vessels are connected to it for proper blood circulation.

Know that the first heart transplant surgery was done by a surgeon named Christian Barnard. Heart was transplanted to a person with terminal heart failure named Louis Washkansky.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘C’

Note:We know that the Sino-atrial node (SAN) is called the pacemaker of the heart. It regulates heart rate by generating impulses that result in heart contraction. In diseased patients with abnormal heart functions, an artificial pacemaker is installed by a surgery. It helps to regulate the heart beat by emitting electrical signals.