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Which of the following acts as a stabilizer for the storage of ${H_2}{O_2}$?
A. Alkali
B. Dust
C. Urea
D. None of these

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Hint: ${H_2}{O_2}$ also known as Hydrogen Peroxide was discovered by Thenard in 1918. He prepared ${H_2}{O_2}$ by the action of dilute acid upon barium peroxide. It is formed in trace quantities by the action of ultraviolet rays of sunlight on water containing dissolved oxygen. It is also formed by the direct combination of elements over a palladium black catalyst.
Preparation of ${H_2}{O_2}$ from Sodium Peroxide (Merck’s process). Dilute sulphuric acid $\left( {20\% } \right)$ is cooled in ice. A calculated amount of sodium peroxide is added to the acid by constant stirring.
$N{a_2}{O_2}\xrightarrow{{273K}}N{a_2}S{O_4} + {H_2}{O_2}$
This resulting solution contains $N{a_2}S{O_4}.{H_2}O$ and ${H_2}{O_2}$ is cooled to $ - {2^ \circ }C$ when crystals of
$N{a_2}S{O_4}.10{H_2}O$ separate out. These crystals are removed by decantation. The solution left behind is $30\% $ ${H_2}{O_2}$.

Complete step by step answer:
Hydrogen peroxide $\left( {{H_2}{O_2}} \right)$ decomposes on storage since it is not stored in glass bottles because the alkali metal oxides present in glass catalyze its decomposition. Therefore, it is stored in brown bottles (paraffin wax coated glass, plastic or Teflon bottles) to avoid the effect of light. Acid, glycerol, acetanilide, alcohol, urea and ${H_3}P{O_3}$ are often used in small amounts which act as stabilizers to check its decomposition.
After discussing we can conclude that urea can act as a stabilizer for the storage of hydrogen peroxide.

So, the correct answer is Option C.

Note: Perhydrol which is a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide is used as an antiseptic for washing wounds, ear and teeth.
It is used in rockets as a source of oxygen.
It is used as antichlor in textile industries to remove excess chlorine from the cloth.
It helps in restoring the colour of the blackened lead paintings.
It is used to bleach the colour delicate materials like wool, silk, ivory etc.
It is used to impart golden yellow colour to hair.
It is used as an oxidant in the laboratory.
Chemical stabilizer is a substance which is used to preserve the physical and chemical properties of a material and prevent degradation.