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Which of the below-mentioned regions exhibit less seasonal variation?
(A) Tropics
(B) Temperate
(C) Alpine
(D) both a and b

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hint: The season is caused by the tilt of the Earth Axis while the earth travels around the sun. The tropics are the region of the earth that lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. In the tropics, the Seasons are governed by precipitation and the varying length of the wet and dry season.

Complete step by step answer:
- Tropics get the same illumination throughout the year. There is no favorable season in the tropics and normally two Seasons that are wet and a dry season.
- Sunlight is intense in these regions.
- Due to continued favorable environment organisms gain more niche specialization. Species grow in large numbers due to which species diversity is very high in tropical regions.
- The Three Types of tropical climate are classified:
1) Tropical monsoon: experience high rainfall. These forests have a dense jungle. Deciduous trees are some common trees in such tropical regions
2) Tropical wet and dry or Savanna: Precipitation and humidity are mostly high in tropical wet regions. Whereas, in tropical dry or Savannah regions are mostly arid with scattered vegetation.
3) Tropical rainforest: Throughout the year rain is the most common feature of the tropical rainforest. Thus, they comprise evergreen vegetation.
So the correct answer is” Tropics”.

Additional information:
- The general pattern of the tropical climate is warm temperature.
- There are two types of seasons under tropical monsoon climate one is wet and the other is the dry season. The second form of tropical monsoon climate features wet and dry seasons with the rainy wet season.
- Around 40% of the surface area of the planet is made up of tropics.

So the tropical climate has less seasonal variation. The salient feature of this climate is-
- Rainfall throughout the year.
 - High temperature.
- Not clearly marked winter.
- High biodiversity