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Which leukocyte has a bean shaped nucleus?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Leukocytes are a type of blood cell which is manufactured in the bone marrow and is dispersed in the blood and lymph tissues. Leukocytes are components of the immune system of the body. They enable the individual to battle infection as well as other ailments.

Complete answer:
The configuration of the monocyte core is elliptic; metaphorically bean-shaped or kidney-shaped, however the most major distinction is that the nuclear envelope ought not to be hyperbolically furcatus along lobes. Monocytes are amoeboid in form and hence have no granulated cytosol and are known as agranulocytosis. Monocytes make 2% to 10% among all leukocytes in the body and play different duties in immune function. Monocytes aid in replenishing resident macrophages during normal circumstances; movement within roughly 8–12 hours in response to stimulation signals from surface infection sites; and transformation into macrophages or dendritic cells for inflammatory processes. Half of the monocytes are housed in the spleen inside an adult. This transforms into macrophages upon reaching necessary tissue spaces and so can be transformed into endothelial cells.

Basophils is a type of white blood cell. Basophils has heparin. It is a naturally present blood-thinning agent. The immune system is prone to an allergen in adverse reactions. Basophils release histamine in the course of allergies. Basophils also is known to play a role in helping the cells to make an antibody called (IgE). We're supposed to always have 0 to 300 basophils per microliter of blood. Neutrophils are by far the most abundant type, making between about 55 and 70 percent of the leukocytes. Neutrophils are essential because, unlike the other white blood cells, they aren't really restricted to a small region of flow. They will freely travel through walls of our veins and then into the tissues of our body to actively invade all antigens. A lymphocyte is a white blood cell type. Lymphocytes naturally present killer cells (cytotoxic innate immunity), T cells (cytotoxic adaptive immunity) and B cells (antibody-driven adaptive immunity). They are now the main mass of cells located in the lymph. Lymphocytes cover between 18% and 42% of leukocytes.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: Macrophage attacks and eliminates microorganisms, swallowing foreign material, clearing dead cells and enhancing immune function. During inflammation, dendritic cells reinforce the immune system response by displaying surface antigens to those other immune system cells. A monocyte is a white blood cell, a form of phagocyte.