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Which law would have been violated if Mendel had chosen eight characters in garden pea?
 A. law of dominance
B. law of segregation
C. law of independent assortment
D. law of purity of gametes

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Hint: The genes may have been very similar on the same chromosome if Mendel had selected another character and would not be assorted separately and would show more parental combinations than recombination.

Complete answer: If Mendel picked 8 characters because the characters were unable to differentiate individually to move on to the next generation, the rule of the assortment is not being followed. They are related to each other and classified as linked genes when 8 characters are studied. That's why they can't differentiate separately. The pea plant is \[2n=14\]. Mendel picked seven characters for which the genes are present on seven different chromosomes. During dihybrid cross and recombinant progeny, as well as parental progeny, the existence of different chromosomes permitted genes to assort independently for two traits. If he had selected eight characters, genes must be present on the same chromosome for any two characters and would exhibit correlation and violate the rule of independent assortment. The law of dominance defines the presence of a heterozygous genotype dominant trait and the law of segregation tells of the segregation of heterozygous genotype alleles during gamete creation. The rule of purity says of the existence of a gene's single allele in gametes.
Thus, choice C, i.e., law of independent assortment is the correct answer.

Note: Application of independent assortment are as follow:
-Colored fur (black or white)
-Color of the eye (green or red)
There are two-hybrid rabbits crossed out. The rabbits both have a BbGg genotype. Gametes were developed prior to breeding each rabbit. The alleles are divided during this and the copy of each chromosome is allocated to distinct gametes. That means the baby rabbits inherit various combinations of characteristics, regardless of the parental phenotype. Alternatively, the genotype Bbgg may have a baby rabbit.