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Which crop is associated with the term sluicing?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: The crop about which we are going to learn about is a beverage and is quite popular in the west as well as in your own country. This crop is grown by using plantation agriculture techniques.

Complete answer -
The crop associated with sluicing is one of the most popular beverage coffees.
Coffee, like other beverages, has several species; however two of its species are responsible for most of the production that the world is acquiring.
The two species of coffee are
Coffea arabica – It has more flavor and is milder than its counter species. It is more widespread and requires higher elevation with good amounts of moisture , sun and shade for growth. Latin America, Eastern Africa, Asia are some of the leading producers of arabica.
Coffea canephora – It is much cheaper and contains twice the amount of caffeine than former species. It required lower elevation for its growth.
Western and central Africa, Southern America and Brazil are the leading producers of this species.
Coffee contains caffeine, an alkaloid which contributes to its rejuvenating effect making it popular among you the students.

Additional Information –
There are several legends about the discovery of coffee. One of the most famous one is from Ethiopia.
Once a goat herder from Ethiopia noticed that after eating the berries of the tree of coffee his goats have become more energetic and are awake for longer hours. He told this to a nearby monk who then drank these beans to check its effectiveness. To his surprise he too felt more energetic in his long hours of prayers and talked about this to all the other monks around.
Slowly with time this formula reaches to other countries making coffee one of the most loved beverages in the world.

Like the two sides of the coin coffee too comes with some cons like it’s excessive consumption may lead to sleep disturbances, anxiety , heartburn etc.
But not to get stressed, if taken in the right quantity it saves you from cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson disease, diabetes mellitus etc.