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Which country did Danny Casey play for?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: This question is from the chapter called ‘Going Places’ which is written by A.R. Barton. The story revolves around a young girl who belongs to a middle class family, lives with her parents and two brothers and admires a young famous footballer, Danny Casey.

Complete answer:
The story is about a girl, Sophie who is in her teens. She lives in a middle class family with her parents and two brothers. She loves watching the football game and is a huge fan of a young Irish footballer, Danny Casey. She keeps fantasizing about him all the time. She gets so involved in her fantasies that she starts describing them to others as if she had actually met him. She believed that she had met him and also that Danny had promised him that they would meet again.

She believes all of this so truthfully that she actually goes to meet Danny at the place that he had promised to meet her in one of her fantasies. She keeps waiting for him, but obviously Danny never arrives. She gets disappointed as she walks back home, but she still has hope that someday in future she would actually get to meet him and she continues to fantasize about him.

Thus, the answer is Danny Casey played for Ireland.

Note: The basic message of the story is how these childish fantasies of teenagers often end up disappointing them. Their fantasy world is beautiful and as they want it to be. But in reality, the world is full of compromises, sacrifices and hardships. Not everyone’s dream comes true, but it is a hard truth for teenagers to absorb.