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Which compound is produced by the action of chlorine on dry slaked lime?

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Find out which compound is known as dry slaked lime. Write the molecular formula of dry slaked lime. Write the reaction of dry slaked lime with chlorine and then the products obtained by the reaction is the answer for this question.

Complete step by step solution:
- Chlorine is a halogen having atomic number 17. It exists in a diatomic state and is a gas.
- Dry slaked lime is the traditional name for the compound calcium hydroxide which is an inorganic compound.
- Calcium hydroxide has the molecular formula, $Ca{{(OH)}_{2}}$. It is white in colour and is formed when calcium oxide is dissolved in water.
- When dry slaked lime reacts with chlorine, bleaching powder is produced.
- The reaction is given as, $Ca{{(OH)}_{2}}+C{{l}_{2}}\to CaOC{{l}_{2}}+{{H}_{2}}O$
- Bleaching powder has the compound, calcium oxychloride having molecular formula, $CaOC{{l}_{2}}$.
- Bleaching powder is widely used for cleaning dirty clothes in laundry and for linen and as a bleaching agent cotton in the textile industry.
- Bleaching powder is used for disinfection and sanitation purposes.
- Bleaching powder is a strong oxidizing agent and therefore used in many industries as oxidizer.
- It is also to make water potable by disinfecting the water.

- Therefore, bleaching powder or calcium oxychloride is the compound produced when dry slaked lime is treated with water.

Note: Remember calcium hydroxide is called as dry slaked lime and calcium oxide is called as quick lime. Calcium carbonate is called limestone. Calcium oxychloride is the molecular formula of bleaching powder. Bleaching powder is used as a cleaning agent, disinfectant and also as bleaching agent.