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Which city was called the fabled “City of Gold”?
C)El Dorado

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Hint: There was an imaginary city in the seventeenth century in South America which was also known as the city of gold.

Complete answer:
El Dorado was called the fabled “City of Gold”.

El Dorado had a legendary story in which precious stones were found in a great amount along with the gold coins. According to Europeans El Dorado was a city of gold which is not discovered yet. The thirst to get wealth led to exploration of South America by many Portguese and Spanish explorers for the two centuries. Among the earliest tales was the one told on his deathbed by Juan Maritnez, a spanish captain who claimed to have visited the city of El Dorado.

There was also an explorer named Raleigh who planned a number of times to reach the city of gold. He trusted that he had a chance at finding the city of El Dorado. The actual name of El Dorado was Manoa. Eventually the name of El Dorado came to be used metaphorically of any place from where wealth could be rapidly acquired.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: The concept of El Dorado goes through many versions. The South America version of El Dorado is about a king. According to them El Dorado was never a place but a ruler so rich that usually covered himself in gold from head to toe each morning and washed it off in a sacred lake each evening.
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