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Which category of age structure does not increase the population size?

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Hint:Age structure is a variable which indicates the population status. It reflects the proportions of individuals of different age groups. It is a useful tool for social scientists in analysing the population size.

Complete Answer:
Population is the number of individuals at a given area. It is purely based on the birth rate and death rate. If the birth rate exceeds the death rate then there is an increase in population. The population is categorised according to the age structure. It is a very useful tool to illustrate the population trends like births and death. It comprises the distribution of people on the basis of age.
The age structure is portrayed in the form of an age pyramid which depends on birth and death within a population.
The age pyramid shows the youngest age at the bottom followed by the next oldest layer. The males are indicated on the left whereas the females on the right. The trends depicted by the pyramid are
Stationary- when the birth rate and death rates are low.
Expansive- when the population has both a high birth rate and death rate.
Stable- When the birth rate and death rates remain unchanged over time.
The stable age structure does not show the rise in population.

Note: In the developing countries pyramid is somewhat stable. It shows that the people have a considerably long life. This is due to advance in medicine and improvement in technologies. The age structure affects the economy of a nation as a whole.
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