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Which among the following is a secondary product of honey bees?
A) Bee wax
B) Propolis
C) Honey
D) Pollen

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Process of culturing honey bees for various purposes is called Apiculture. This process is also called bee keeping. We obtain several products from honey bees like honey, bee wax, propolis and bee pollen.

Complete answer:
We get several products by culturing various organisms. They can be either primary or secondary. Primary products are the products obtained from them and can be used either economically or for food purposes. But some products are economically important when they are used in the preparation of some other products. These are called secondary products.

Honey is an example for primary products obtained by bee keeping. It is used as food and also has medicinal importance. Bee wax is a secondary product obtained from honey bees. It is used in the preparation of cosmetics and polishes. It is produced by wax producing glands in bees. It helps for maintaining better healthy condition of our skin. So it is widely used in the cosmetics industry .

Bee pollen obtained from bees are examples of primary products from apiculture. It is widely used for medicinal purposes as it contains several vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It helps to improve immunity and also helps for wound healing.Propolis is another important product produced by bees and has medicinal importance.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘A’.

Note:Place where honey bees are reared is called an Apiary. Workers who rear them are called apiarists or apiculturists.Know that apart from economical uses, honey bees also help in pollination in plants. So they can increase crop yield and honey yield by pollination.