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whenever live and neutral wires come in contact with each other, the incident is called short circuiting. Type 1 for true an 0 for false.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: short-circuiting is defined as an abnormal condition in which there will be relatively low resistance between the two points having different potential in a circuit, which will result in an excess flow of the current. The current will flow in excess amount because the resistance in the circuit is low.

Complete answer:
When the live and neutral wires come in contact with each other the resistance in the circuit will decrease to a very small value. As the resistance is inversely proportional to the current, therefore, the current in the circuit will increase with the decrease in the resistance. Due to the increase in the current, the heat in the wires will also increase. The increase in heat in the wire will cause a fire in the building. This is called short-circuiting.
Also, every supply has a limit to bear a maximum load which means that we should supply limited power to any appliance. Sometimes, when we switch on all the appliances at the same time, it will consume more power than the power limit of a supply line. This increase is called overloading. In this case, the wires get heated because a large amount of current will flow through the wires. Therefore the circuit will catch fire.

Therefore, we will type 1 for this answer.

We can overcome the short-circuiting by using an electrical fuse.
Also, the preventions to be taken to overcome short-circuiting are:
one should monitor appliances and outlets, use less electricity during storms, one should get a yearly electrical inspection and install the devices that prevent short circuits.