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Last updated date: 07th Dec 2023
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What is the strongest chemical bond?

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Hint: We know that the chemical bond is the link joining the two atoms which results in the formation of chemical compounds. The strongest bond is formed by the sharing of electrons between the two atoms. Covalent bonds are defined as the bonds which are formed by the sharing of electrons. The compound containing carbon usually shows covalent bonding.

Complete answer:
The chemical bonding is referred to as the formation of chemical bonds between the two atoms which forms a chemical compound. The chemical bonds keep the atom together in a compound. Ionic bonds are formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to the other atom. In this one atom loses electrons and other atoms gain electrons. Due to the transfer of electrons negative charge anion and positive charge cation is formed. Coordinate bond is a referred as the alternate covalent bond which is formed when the electron pair is shared by a single atom.
The strongest bond is the Covalent Bond. There are a number of ways in which atoms bond with each other. The strongest form of covalent bond, in which the atomic orbitals overlap directly between the nuclei of two atoms, is a sigma bond. The number of bonded electrons is determined by the length of the bond (the bond order). The order of the bond, the stronger the pull between the two atoms, and the shorter the length of the bond. Generally, the length of the bond between two atoms is exactly the sum of the two atoms’ covalent radii.

Remember that don’t get confused over Covalent sigma bond and Covalent pi bond as both come under covalent bond. When one sigma bond is present between two atoms, a single bond is formed when one sigma and one pi bond is formed then a double bond is formed, when one sigma and two pi bonds are formed then a triple bond is formed.