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Hint: A guide is an emblematic depiction of the picked normal for a spot, ordinarily drawn on a level surface. Guides present data about the world in a basic, visual way. They instruct about the world by indicating sizes and states of nations, areas of highlights, and distances between places. Guides can show appropriations of things over Earth, for example, settlement designs. They can show careful areas of houses and roads in the city area. Mapmakers, called cartographers, make maps for various purposes.

Complete answer:
Maps that makeup map atlases are customarily bound as books. These are either hardcover for reference chart books or softcover for map books that are intended to fill in as movement guides. There are likewise innumerable mixed media choices for chart books, and numerous distributors are making their guides accessible for smartphones and the Internet.
An atlas is an assortment of different maps of the earth or a particular area of the earth, for example, the U.S. or India. The map in the atlas shows geographic highlights, the geography of a zone's scene, and political limits. They additionally show climatic, social, strict, and monetary insights of a region.

Note: The earliest known is related to the Greco-Roman geographer Claudius Ptolemy. His work, Geographia, was the first recorded book of map making, comprising the information on the world's topography that was known around the second century. Guides and original copies were composed by hand at that point. Geographia's oldest surviving copies go back to 1475.