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When we wear nylon dresses during winter then there is ______ current which gets produced due to contact with our body. Fill in the blank with correct option given below:
A. Magnetic
B. Electrostatic
C. Potential
D. Kinetic

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint:Since, Nylon is a synthetic polymer. Synthetic means it's man-made it’s not available in nature naturally. Nylon is composed of polyamides and it’s a very silky material generally used to make clothing for house purposes and it’s used in winters to protect from cooling of the environment.

Complete answer:
Since as we know everybody has some charge in it whether it can be either of positive or negative or sometimes a body can also be neutral which means its total sum of positive charges and negative charges is zero.

An electric current is always produced when there's an unequal amount of positive and negative charge and hence an electric current or spark is produced when they come in contact. So, when we wear nylon clothes in winter it may have negative charge and since our body may have a positive charge which in result when came in contact with each other, an electrostatic current is produced.

Hence, the correct option is B.

Note:Nylon is a chemical man-made polymer which consists of repeating units of amide links which are also called polyamides. This nylon as soon as it came in contact with our body, a significant amount of charges tried to neutralize and hence spark is produced or electrostatic current.