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Variations are not important for one individual but they are important for species. Justify.

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Variation is the difference between individual organisms of the same species or the different species. This can be brought about by acquired or natural variables. Variety can be continuous or discontinuous. This variation is of two types as interspecific variation and the intergeneric variation.

Complete answer:
Variation is useful for the life of the species rather than the people. As the natural or the external environmental conditions change radically, the organisms have to adapt or change to that conditions. For example, if the temperature of water raises rapidly and abruptly, at that point a large portion of the microscopic organisms like bacteria, fungi etc. living in the water would die.
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Since they cannot tolerate that high temperature. Just a couple of variations in the microorganisms that are tolerant to the warmth will have the option to survive in this condition. If all the organisms cannot withstand these variations, at that point the whole types of microbes may die and the whole species may become extinct. At that point, varieties are significant for the endurance of species.

Thus, the variations are not only needed for the survival of the organisms but also for the survival of the whole species.

Note: The benefit of including variety inside a populace is that a few people will be preferable adjusted to their current circumstance over others. Those people who are not very much adjusted to their current circumstance are less inclined to endure and imitate.