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Variation in gene frequencies within populations can occur by chance rather than by natural selection. This is referred to as:
A. Genetic flow
B. Genetic drift
C. Random mating
D. Genetic load

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Hint: For a given quality, genetic variation in a population defines the presence of distinct or elective structures in that population. The existence of genetic variety means that in the alleles they have, individuals of the population change, meaning that people contrast in genotype.

Complete answer: Population Evolution: Each creature, from individuals to creepy crawls to plants to microorganisms, shares a typical progenitor according to the developmental hypothesis. A number of long periods of developmental weight induced a few species to kick the bucket while others endured, leaving the world with the various systems of life that we have today. Solidarity is within this assorted variety; for example, all living beings are composed of cells and use DNA.
Genetic Variation in Populations: A population is a gathering of individuals who may all interbreed, often recognized as types of animals. Since these individuals will share qualities and give the people to come with blends of qualities, the assortment of these qualities is known as a genetic stock. The period of growth occurs only in societies and not in individuals.
Natural Selection: Natural selection operates on the frequency that accompanies the recurrence of certain traits, just as mutations induce new characteristics in a population. All creatures are in a consistent struggle for presence because there are a greater number of living beings than properties. Those individuals with better qualities will be able to produce more posterity in characteristic determination.
Thus, choice (B) Genetic drift is right.

Note: Natural selection is the incremental mechanism that increases the occurrence of advantageous qualities that allows it to survive and duplicate and decreases the recurrence of negative characteristics acquired within a population.
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