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Two identical guitars are played by two persons to give notes of the same pitch. Will they differ in quality? Give a reason for your answer.

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: The guitars are made up of strings in which wave forms when some external frequency is applied to it. There are different factors on which quality of the sound wave and pitch of the sound wave depends, consider those factors.

Complete step by step answer:
When some vibration is applied to a guitar, this produces vibrations in the string as well as the surrounding molecules of the guitar. The frequency of the guitar is the same as the frequency of vibration of the molecules. These surrounding molecules produce longitudinal and translational vibrations which make pressure waves to produce sound from the guitar.
The pitch of a guitar is associated with the frequency of the molecules in the string. This frequency may vary with the variation in the vibration of strings. The number of vibrations per second is defined as the frequency. As the frequency of the guitar is the same it will not have any effect on the quality.
But the quality of sound does not entirely depend on the frequency or pitch of the notes; it also depends on the overtones, harmonic distributions and relative intensity as well. When some vibration is produced in the guitar it alters the molecules of the surrounding in different manner. There are so many factors that can affect the quality of the sound produced from two identical guitars. Thus, the quality of the sound from two different persons will be different.

Two persons cannot give the same frequency to the strings of the guitar also each guitar has different pitch, frequency, distributions.
So, the guitars can never have the same quality of sound.