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What is the theory of spontaneous generation?
A.origin of life from non-life
B.origin of animals from the navel of God
C.Biblical story of the creation of Adam
D.The theory that man is generating his numbers in geometric progressions.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Spontaneous generation is an experiment performed by Pasteur in 17th century there are many theories which came forward to explain the origin of life but the theory of Pasteur has bought a new turn in the evolution process and this theory was proven correct by many evaluations which was later on carried out by the scientist to understand the science behind the origin of life from an experimental conditions.

Complete answer:
> Option A: Origin of life from non life-
The spontaneous generation: It is the theory which proves that life origins from non living, this experiment was performed by Pasteur and this is also called as a Biogenesis this theory stated that living organisms can arise from non-living rather than coming from reproduction of their species Many scientist believed in the explanation of this theory which includes Aristotle.

> Option B: Origin of animals from navel of God-
Theologically the origin of animals and living from the miracles of God was explained clearly by many theologises but this was not accepted by many scientists as there was no clear or standard evidences that could prove the existence they could not consider that life can be a miracle as a scientist always wanted to follow the proofs to prove the theory whereas the spontaneous theory tells the origin of animals from the navel of God it states the spontaneous growth of living from Non life.

> Option C: Biblical story of creation of Adam-
Biblically this statement was accepted by many people but the spontaneous generation does not explain about the creation of Adam it explains about the generation of the living without going through the reproduction process.

> Option D: The theory that man is generating his numbers in geometric progression-
This option cannot be considered because this theory is around the age of the 17th century where people trusted the theories rather than numerical explanation.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: The theory says it starts when a dead leaf falls from a tree into upon that would spontaneously transform Inter fishes and those falling on soils would transform into insects or worms searching for spontaneous origin of life from unexpected and non life is explained by the spontaneous theory.