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The term ‘biomagnification’ refers to the
A. Growth of organism due to food consumption
B. Increase in population size
C. Blowing up of environmental issues by man
D. Increase in the concentration of non- degradable pollutants as they pass through the food chain
E. Decrease in population size

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Hint: Bioconcentration and bioaccumulation occur inside an organism, and biomagnification takes place across trophic (meals chain) ranges. Biodilution is also a process that takes place to all trophic tiers in aquatic surroundings, it's miles the opposite of biomagnification, thus while a pollutant receives smaller in concentration as it progresses up a food net.

Complete answer:
Biomagnification, additionally called amplification or organic magnification, is any concentration of a toxin, together with insecticides, inside the tissues of tolerant organisms at successively higher levels in a food chain. The substances come to be more and more concentrated in tissues or inner organs as they pass up the chain. Bioaccumulants are substances that grow in awareness in living organisms as they soak up infected air, water, or food because the substances are very slowly metabolized or excreted. Biological magnification regularly refers to the technique wherein sure substances together with pesticides or heavy metals paintings their manner into lakes, rivers, and the ocean, after which pass up the meals chain This growth can occur because of:
Persistence – wherein the substance can not be damaged down with the aid of environmental methods.
Food chain energetics – in which the substance's awareness increases gradually as it actions up a food chain.
Low or non-existent rate of internal degradation or excretion of the substance – particularly because of water-insolubility.
DDT is thought to biomagnify and biomagnification is one of the maximum significant reasons. DDT is stored within the fats of animals and takes many years to break down, and as the fat is to eat up via predators, the quantities of DDT biomagnify. DDT is now a banned substance in lots of parts of the world
The correct answer is option (D), i.e., Increase in the concentration of non- degradable pollutants as they pass through the food chain.

Note: Metals play an important role in increasing biomagnification as they are not degradable due to the fact they are factors. Organisms, especially the one's situation to excessive degrees of exposure to metals, have mechanisms to sequester and excrete metals. Some continual heavy metals are especially dangerous and dangerous to the organism's reproductive machine.