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The swollen part of pedicel is known as
A. Petiole
B. Stipule
C. Sessile
D. Thalamus

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:- Pedicel is the stalk of a single flower. It refers to a structure that connects a single flower to its inflorescence. The swollen part of the pedicel is known as thalamus. In the absence of a pedicel flower it becomes sessile.

Complete answer:
The word pedicel is derived from Latin word pendiculus which means “little foot”. The stem of the inflorescence that holds a bunch of pedicles is called a peduncle. A typical flower has four different kinds of whorls arranged successively on the swollen end of the stalk or pedicel, called thalamus. It is the terminal part of a pedicel which supplies nutrients to flowers. It is a modified stem that possesses distinct nodes and internodes. It is present near the stalk of the flower. The thalamus consists of four sets of floral leaves on its axis. These floral leaves remain inserted on the nodes in whorls. The axis nature of thalamus becomes quite obvious in some flowers in which it is considerably long and internodes are distinct. Sessile means absence of pedicel. Petiole is the stalk that connects the leaf blade to the stem. And stipule is a leaf like structure borne in pairs at the base of leaf stalk.
Thus, the right option is D.

Note:- Thalamus is situated at the basal part of flower near the lower stalk of another. Thalamus is the swollen end of a pedicel with four nodes and highly compressed internodes. Thalamus may be a little bit elongated such as in Michelia, convex in flowers like china-rose, Datura, cup-shaped in roses and spongy flat top in lotus.