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The study of inter-relationship between living organisms and environment is called
A. Ecosystem
B Phytogeography
C. Ecology
D. Phytosociology.

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Hint:With help of this branch of science we can recognize the propagation of abiotic and biotic factors of living beings in the ecosystem. The abiotic and biotic factors are composed of the non-living and living factors and their relation with the environment.

Complete answer:
To answer this question, first, we need to know about the inter-relationship between living organisms and environment. Ecology is the phenomenon of interactions between living organisms, consisting of humans, and their physical environment; it desires to recognize the important relation between plants and animals and the environment surrounding them.
 Now, let us find the solution from the option.
>An ecosystem is a group of living organisms in relation with the nonliving materials of their environment, connecting as a system.
>Phytogeography is the division of biogeography that is associated with the geographic propagation of plant species and their impact on the surface of earth.
>Ecology is the division of biology that is associated with the inter-relationships amongst organisms and interactions between organisms and their environment.
 >Phytosociology, also known as phytocoenosis, phytocoenologia or simply plant sociology, is the study of groups of species of plant that are usually found together.

Thus, the correct answer is option C. i.e. Ecology.

Note: Ecology consisting of population, human science, community, ecosystem, and biosphere. Ecology is the analysis of organisms, the environment and how the organisms related with each other and with their ecosystem. It is recognized at different levels, like organism, population, community, biosphere, and ecosystem. Ecologist’s main aim is to develop their understanding of life processes, adaptations and habitats, interactions and biodiversity of organisms.